Archived: Coronavirus, Striking the Balance Between Our Rights and the Right Approach – Luke Bradley

Originally published on April 11th, 2020 On Friday the 20th of March 2020 at 5 o’clock, I was, like many others, sat in front of the television, eagerly awaiting the latest briefing regarding the Coronavirus from Number 10. A rather weary looking yet serious Mr. Johnson addressed the nation, supported by fresh-faced Chancellor Rishi Sunak andContinue reading “Archived: Coronavirus, Striking the Balance Between Our Rights and the Right Approach – Luke Bradley”

Archived: Rumsfeld Ruminations – Fred Alldridge

Originally published on April 3rd, 2020 The question of ‘What comes next?’ is the reason why I started this blog and what I wanted to explore. A nice way I thought of setting the question up was to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defence from 2001-06. What are the ‘known knowns, the known unknownsContinue reading “Archived: Rumsfeld Ruminations – Fred Alldridge”

Archived: Do Pandemics Weaken Societies? – Oli Banks

Originally published on April 2nd, 2020 What is a Pandemic? The word “pandemic” carries with it not only scientific considerations, but social considerations too. A pandemic is not a death count, case count, or a rate of infection. Whilst it is true that a pandemic, in contrast to an epidemic, must have global reach, the sixContinue reading “Archived: Do Pandemics Weaken Societies? – Oli Banks”

Archived: Introduction – Fred Alldridge

Orginially published: March 23rd, 2020 Hello there, my name is Fred and I am an economics student at the University of York. Honestly, I count this blog as a mental exercise for myself. The UK government has effectively shut the country down (albeit a few weeks too late), and I need something to do forContinue reading “Archived: Introduction – Fred Alldridge”